Point-of-care Imaging for Precision Medicine

We are developing a family of PET scanners that are precise, compact, affordable, and practical for point-of-care settings. BBX-PET is our first FDA-cleared scanner.

Introducing BBXTM-PET

Point-of-Care PET Imaging for Brain, Breast & Extremities

The first FDA-cleared, fully portable PET scanner with the precision of state-of-the-art PET-CT scanners

Image Quality of High-end PET Scanners

  • Scanner bore size: 29 cm
  • FOV (diam. x axial): 25×10 cm
  • Resolution: 3 mm FWHM
  • Whole gantry efficiency: 1.1%
  • LYSO crystal: 3×3 mm
  • Solid-state photomultiplier: 3×3 mm
  • Depth of Interaction: Double-layer
  • Computer: Powerful computer with High Performance GPU and UPS Backup
  • Attenuation: Calculated method

Easy to Install & Move, Inexpensive to Operate

  • Small footprint – needs only 10 x 10’ room plus small uptake room and closest for Hot Lab
  • Lightweight (apx. 500 lbs.) – can be used on any floor of a medical arts building
  • Requires minimal shielding – practical almost anywhere, including bedsides, ORs
  • Uses standard 110/220V electrical outlet – no special service needed
  • USP with battery back-up – move from place to place without restarting
  • Rolls easily, fits through standard doors – portable and convenient
  • Patient table length: 6’ (fully extended)
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs. – accommodates most patients

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